When the World was Young

when the world was young by Elizabeth Gaffney A POWER–HOUSE NOVEL with a rich cast of unforgettable characters. At the heart of the quick‐paced narrative is young Wally Baker—her voice and her manner, her courage and her life-affirming decision during a time of crisis, will long be remembered, as indeed this richly textured novel will be remembered.
  —Nicholas Rinaldi, author of Between Two Rivers

When The World Was Young is HAUNTED BY LOVE—love lost, stolen, nurtured, crushed, exultant, discarded, and full of grace. Elizabeth Gaffney brings her storytelling super-powers to bear on the nature of life in wartime and the fragile, incandescent times that follow. A wise and very beautiful novel.
   —Mary Beth Hughes, author of Wavemaker II and Double Happiness

As bombs fall in Japan, personal tragedy explodes the life of young, Wonder Woman-obsessed Wally Baker. Through Wally and her glamorous doctor mother, Elizabeth Gaffney movingly explores the emotional sacrifices made by strong women on the home front, war-time passions, AND THE ATOMICALLY WOUNDING POWER OF SECRETS. Like Brooklyn Heights before the developers swarmed in, this novel is dignified and fierce, a work of complex and unconventional beauty.
   —Sheri Holman, author of
    Witches on the Road Tonight and The Dress Lodger